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Cross-Cultural Communication


  • Thorough knowledge of culture and linguistic theory underlying cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication
  • Expert skill in identifying critical variables underlying cross-cultural collision in business settings
  • 15 years experience as a trainer of managers, staff, trainers, and educators with highly positive evaluations
  • Extensive work, consulting, and travel in 47 countries.
  • Conversational skill in Spanish, Portuguese, French. Some fluency in Russian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Guarani


  • Assessment of cultural misunderstanding and conflict in the work place and its impact on service and productivity.
  • Presentations to participants from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds and to recent immigrants which:
  • Explore the role of attitudes, values, and beliefs in understanding the underlying message and intention of speakers from different cultures
  • Provide knowledge about different factors (such as leadership, participation) which impact the form and underlying values of messages
  • Develop skills in analyzing miscommunication and empathy in responding appropriately to communication with people from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds and to recent immigrants
  • Utilize the diversity within groups to help participants understand the nature of cross-cultural communication
  • Use highly interactive methodology to accomplish the above goals including video, role play, analysis of critical incidents, group discussions
  • Consultations on specific instances of cultural misunderstanding to identify underlying values, beliefs, and expectations and to recommend remedies
Clients include:
  • Adjunct Faculty, Diversity Management Institute, Montgomery Community College Rockville, MD. (September, 1999Špresent)
  • Marriott Worldwide Learning Resources, Marriott International, Consultation on Design of a CD Rom on Improving Communication in Our Diverse Workforce.
  • Goodwin House and Goodwin House West, Alexandria, Virginia. Assessment of communication issues, Consultation on specific problems and Workshops for Trainers, Managers, Supervisors, and Staff.
  • Staff Development Resources, Houston, Texas Workshop for K--12 teachers.
  • Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Workshop for managers, International Executive MBA.
  • Michelin Corporation, Greenville, South Carolina, Workshop for managers,.
  • Northern Virginia Area Realtors, Presentation on Cross-Cultural Sales.
  • Arlington County Adult Education, Arlington, Virginia. Workshop for Human Resource Managers.
  • George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Cross-cultural management course for MBA's,.

(Language Learning and Education)

Clients include:

Apple Computer Corporation, Cupertino, CA; Monash University (Melbourne, Australia); Air Force Academy; USAID (Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru), American Institutes of Research, Palo Alto, CA; High Scope, Ypsilanti, MI; Oakland University, Rochester, MI: University of Texas, San Antonio, TX; InterAmerican Research Associates, Inc., Washington, D.C.; New Haven Unified School District, Union City, CA., Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico; Upsala University, Upsala, Sweden; Arizona State University, Dept. of Linguistics, Flagstaff, Arizona.


Phd. Anthropology, Yale University
M.A. Linguistics, University of Michigan
B.A. Linguistics, University of Michigan
Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, Portland, Oregon (courses in 1988, 1995, 1998)


  • Associate Director, Language & Cultural Perspectives and Senior Research Fellow, Lauder Institute, Wharton School of Business (2 years). Research included collecting case studies on cross-cultural communication from Fortune 500 companies.
  • Coordinator, Culture Learning Institute, East-West Center, University of Hawaii. Research on language and communication problems which arise nationally, locally, and in sectors such as business, public administration, education (3 years).
  • Editor, Language Planning Newsletter, East-West Center, University of Hawaii. Focus on language and communication problems around the world. Writers and subscribers from over 100 countries (11 years)
  • Assistant and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics at several universities: Tulane University, University of North Carolina, George Washington University ( 6 years)


13 books and over 60 articles on cross-cultural communication, language learning, multimedia and video in language education, language acquisition, language planning

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