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Joan Rubin Associates is dedicated to improving language learning, cross-cultural communication, and the management of diverse work forces. We offer workshops, consultations, needs assessment, and speakers in these three areas. We have provided these services over the past fifteen years to educational, business, and governmental institutions in the United States and worldwide.

JRA specializes in improving language learning by providing the knowledge and skills for each learner to be successful by taking charge of their own learning. The training is based on Dr. Rubin's model called LEARNER SELF-MANAGEMENT. Teachers are trained how to facilitate more active learner involvement in the process of analyzing tasks, setting goals and criteria, monitoring learning, evaluating success, and solving learning problems. In the process, learners are introduced to many kinds of knowledge which can help them be more effective managers of their learning. This knowledge includes: self-knowledge, strategy knowledge, task knowledge, beliefs, and background knowledge.

JRA improves CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION AND DIVERSE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT by providing the assessment, awareness, knowledge, and skills to communicate effectively with staff, customers, and service providers who may use a wide variety of communication styles. The services build feelings of mutual respect, recognition and trust.

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