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Trend-spotting, "future-neering," prognostication: Whatever you call it, guessing the future can be tricky, potentially costly, and perhaps even dangerous!

At WorkingNet we know our clients require us to hone our ability to see around corners. Select a topic of interest below and then check back to see if we we're right...

...sometime in the future.

"There are two kinds of fools. One says, 'This is old, therefore it is superior.' The other says, 'This is new, therefore it is better.'"

"The best of prophets of the future is the past."
Lord Byron

Beyond Y2K


Checkout Architectures

Data Warehousing
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Future Contracting
Coming Soon

Intranets' External Value
Coming Soon

Moving Beyond the Web
Coming Soon

Out of E-Business
Coming Soon

Public Patience and Expectations
Coming Soon

The Outsourcing Solution
Coming Soon

Tomorrow's Commerce Connections
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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